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    All-world servicing of ocean and air shipments

    NVOCC license in China and C-TPAT certifield in US

    FOB/CIF/C&F/DDP/DAP/LDP business service from Asia to US

    7x24 Customized and fully integrated logistics sercices

    Professional Frozen Container delievery

  • Overflow&Transloading

    Overflow&Transloading Delievery in Los Angeles Depot

  • Container Trading&Brokage

    Container Trading&Brokage

    GreatMicro Group, the biggest Chinese inbound digital Freight Forwarding group.

    We have multiple SOC container depots across the U.S.

    Our Los Angeles branch office has a dedicated and professional service team

    International Air and Sea freight transportation service and solutions offered in both China and the U.S.

    Transportation solutions offered in both China and the U.S.

  • OOG Cargo

    OOG Cargo Specialized Flatbed Services

    The Capability of Providing an integrated network of flatbed Service in U.S.

    Specialized OOG services in U.S.,area we can accept:





Our team of multilingual employees can meet customers' q&a needs around the clock

Safe and compliant services

Authoritative certification,fully protect your business practices.

  • NVOCC license,China

    NVOCC When international freight forwarders enter into the field of transport and carry out single mode transport or multimodal transport business.

  • Din ISO 9001 certification

    ISO 9001 is responsible for the formulation of international standards related to quality management and quality assurance, and issued the world's first series of international standards on quality management and quality assurance in 1987.

  • Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism

    C-TPAT Is a voluntary initiative of the U.S. department of homeland security's customs and border protection bureau.CBP hopes to establish a supply chain safety management system in cooperation with relevant industries to ensure the flow of transportation safety.

  • Supply chain related software copyright

    In accordance with the provisions of relevant copyright laws, software developers or other right holders enjoy all kinds of exclusive rights to software works.

  • A number of patents related to logistics

    A number of logistics related patents belong to our innovation of industrial technology.Industrial technological innovation refers to the sum total of a series of activities in the whole process from market-oriented.

  • A team of multilingual employees

    Our international,muti-lingual staff can accommodate every customer requirements at any time.

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